Looking ahead

This year has marked a major return to running for me. In January, I completed my first marathon in three years. It was actually my slowest time ever — the heat and humidity definitely got to me — but my run at the Houston Marathon this year wasn’t about time. Instead, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do another marathon. Will I do another? Most likely. But hopefully, the weather will be much cooler in 2018!

Last month, I had the privilege of running the Texas Independence Relay. The 200-mile event — in which teams of runners pay homage to Texas’ fight for independence from Mexico — stretches from the small town of Gonzales, Texas, and ends at the San Jacinto monument. Relays are a blast, but bring their own unique challenges, such as running through the night, trying not to stiffen up between legs, and attempting to sleep in a van. I ran once again on Team #2222 — Too Slow to Win, Too Dumb to Quit. The team and its name are a good fit for me. I’m definitely not fast enough to win, but refuse to give up.

I’m continuing to strengthen myself, not only with running, but with a boot camp a friend got me involved in. I’ve also done some trail running this spring — it’s fun going off-road, even if you’re not in a jeep. Despite the setbacks I’ve suffered, I’m determined to keep going. I’m not as fast as I would like to be, but hopefully, that will come in time.

I’m also grappling with a setback in my professional life — a layoff in January. It’s not how I would have preferred to start 2017. So I’m starting over with my career, scanning job ads and looking ahead to new possibilities. Just like my running, I’m having to reinvent myself. It is both exciting and frightening, trying to see what’s on the horizon. But whatever obstacles may come my way on the running trails or the job search trail, I’m not quitting.