March Madness

I was driving home from work last week, and I was suddenly struck by how green and full the trees were that line Barker-Cypress. It seemed like they were still bare just a week before. And after so many gray days, the sun is finally showing its face again.

It’s March 29, it’s suddenly glorious spring, and I couldn’t even tell you where the month went! This month, work and work-related travel dominated my thoughts and time. While I did continue to work out with my trainer as much as I could — and I even ran a couple of days this week — I feel like I regressed in my journey to getting back in shape and assessing my overall life. I didn’t go to yoga at all, I didn’t make any progress on cleaning up my diet. I even got sidetracked with my reading list for the book challenge! I suddenly decided I wanted to read the Divergent series (I’d watched the first on cable and liked it and was planning to see the second move in the theater). I also blew my Christmas gift card money on books for a new book club I’m participating in, plus the latest book in a favorite series.

March has always been a hectic month at work, since we have extra projects to tackle in preparation for a major industry conference in Houston in early May. I had trouble with some of the projects. I did get a couple of new work experiences under my belt, but overall, I felt a lot of frustration in this area due to delays and time out of the office.

I don’t follow college basketball closely, but it’s March Madness now, when college teams face off on the courts. It definitely felt like March Madness off the basketball court and in my life! I thought it was a combination of work stress and pollen (which unfortunately accompanies all the greenery and flowers that I love). I also thought it was just me, but I learned recently that March is typically a very tumultuous time for people. This is how it was explained to me: We get by through the fall and winter because of non-stop holidays, and we’re okay in the early part of the new year because of it’s still so fresh, and we’re riding the good feelings from the holidays still. But reality slams us in March –there’s no major holidays to distract us, many of us have broken our new year’s resolutions, and the winter weather and the emerging spring and pollen it stirs means we’re lacking in the Vitamin D department, plus battling allergies, in some cases. I even learned recently that the level of suicides peaks in March, for these reasons (don’t worry, I’m fine and coping well).

I’ve been bad about blogging lately, but after realizing how crazy the month is making me, I decided I wanted to get back on track with keeping back in shape. I also realized that I want this blog to be a part of that journey.

Right now, my goal is to continue strength training and building up my running miles. My plan is to sign up for the 2016 Houston Marathon and start training in July. As part of this goal, I plan to get back into yoga to help with stretching and flexibility.

I also have been looking at new sources to aid in my ongoing recovery. I tried out a new massage therapist, and plan to start getting deep tissue massages once a month. I also tried out a cryopsa, where you stand in a deep freeze for two minutes. It’s supposed to be good for recovery. I need to do a little more research into it and decide if the time and money would be worth paying some more visits for deep freeze.

In short, I’m feeling sniffly from pollen, chunky from a lack of major running, and in serious withdrawal from training for an event. I’m definitely itching for new hardware! But after a crazy month, I’m hoping to get back on track to meet my goal!

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